The Mythic Masculine
The Mythic Masculine
#65 | Sex, Love & The Discipline of Eros - Andrea Villa

#65 | Sex, Love & The Discipline of Eros - Andrea Villa

A conversation about adoration, beauty, and the silence of the sacred.

My guest today is Andrea Villa, a scholar, a mentor of men, a restorer of old practices and languages of the sacred.

He has spent several years studying male initiation with indigenous peoples from India to West Africa to Native America, developing a unique understanding of gender as intelligence. His passion is to support men in regaining their erotic agency in love & relationships.

In today's episode, we delve into the profound realms of Eros as a multifaceted force that transcends mere physical attraction, touching upon the realms of the spiritual, the creative, and the deeply personal aspects of human experience. Andrea shares his journey of being undone by Eros, highlighting its crucial role in our connection to the world. He describes the important differences between masculine and feminine energies, and advocates for the significance of adoration and devotion in the dance of partnership.

Andrea also introduces the concept of erotic discipline, a practice of staying present with beauty to transcend the visible and touch the essence of our being. And he references Dante’s Divine Comedy, the monumental epic from the Middle Ages, and the poet’s adoration of Beatrice as a model for a love that can elevate our spirits to the divine.

I’d love to hear what you think of this episode! Leave your comments below.

Heads up: I’m inviting Andrew to offer an upcoming webinar in the next month. Stay tuned for details.



There’s only a few days left to join the very first online cohort of The Deep Masculine, a 3 month journey for men.

I wanted to offer further insight behind the inspiration for this offering, with its roots in the soil of a fairy tale:

First published in 1990, Robert Bly's "Iron John: A Book About Men" is a key work in the mythopoetic men's movement.

The book rides the story of Iron John, a fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm, as a framework to explore masculinity and men's issues. Throughout the book, Bly discusses the concept of "the deep masculine," a term he uses to describe an essential, positive aspect of mature masculinity that has largely been lost in modern society - due to cultural poverty, lack of rites of passage, and the absence of positive male mentorship.

I've spoken on this thread in multiple conversations, including one with poet & author Sophie Strand in "Revisiting The Wild Man."

Mythopoetic men's work grew as a response to these challenges - and many men & organizations have picked up the torch from the first generation and the task they bequeathed to us.

Now, it's also true the Wild Man archetype has become overly fetishized in many men's work spaces, with an emphasis on pushing back against the "domesticated life." (Think Tyler Durden in Fight Club, or Lester Burham in American Beauty).

And yet, the Wild Man remains a mysterious and alluring presence for a deeper invitation into a lovership with life.

After almost 5 years of inquiry, alongside mentors, elders & many conversations under The Mythic Masculine podcast, as well as numerous months in the creative cauldron, The Deep Masculine journey brings together the most effective elements we could muster for igniting the hearts & souls of men.

We begin April 11.

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