The Mythic Masculine
The Mythic Masculine
Bonus: Awakening The Wild Erotic with Deus Fortier

Bonus: Awakening The Wild Erotic with Deus Fortier

Reflections on my recent men's immersion MXM and the themes of masculinity, sex, and myth.

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I’m pleased to release this conversation with my friend and longtime collaborator Deus Fortier as we discuss our recent MXM immersion for men.

The detailed show notes are below.

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Note: I’m very excited to release more new episodes of the podcast that I’ve been trying to polish all summer, but somehow, haven’t been able to do it yet. I promise! They’re coming soon.

Lastly, I very much appreciated all the folks who came up to me at Imagine Festival on Orcas Island offering gratitude for the podcast. And hattip to Brandon at Farm to Ferry for a lovely meal & Pixie Mead for the gift of a bottle of Odherir mead. I shall certainly craft an occasion for poetry and companionship when I crack the bottle.


  1. Collaboration on MXM Retreat: Deus and Ian discuss their collaboration on the MXM (Masculinity, Sex, and Myth) retreat, focusing on masculinity, sexuality, and mythology.

  2. Exploration of Masculinity: They reflect on their personal journeys and interests in exploring masculinity, including the role of archetypes such as the King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover.

  3. Importance of Ritual Space: They emphasize the importance of creating a ritual space for transformation, where participants can explore their sexuality and masculinity in a safe and focused environment.

  4. Role of the Lover Archetype: Deus and Ian highlight the significance of the Lover archetype in their work, describing it as a unifying force that fosters a deeper connection with oneself and the world.

  5. Impact of Societal Expectations: They discuss how societal expectations often lead men to suppress their eroticism and how this suppression can have consequences, such as the Me Too movement.

  6. Exploration of Erotic Fantasies: They mention the exploration of erotic fantasies as a way to understand one's primary wounds and how they connect to one's sexual desires and behaviors.

  7. Acknowledging Trauma and Exploration: The discussion explores how acknowledging trauma, especially related to sexuality and masculinity, can be transformative for men and how exploring these areas collectively in a safe space can lead to healing.

  8. The Role of Ritual Space: The importance of creating ritual spaces for transformation, where men can openly discuss their feelings, desires, and experiences, is emphasized as a healing and transformative experience.

  9. Exploring Masculinity and Eroticism: The conversation delves into the exploration of masculinity, eroticism, and archetypes such as the Lover, and how societal expectations often suppress these aspects of a man's identity.

  10. The Power of Transparency: Transparent and honest communication among men is highlighted as a crucial aspect of healing and transformation, allowing them to bring their inner experiences and desires into the light.

  11. The Sensual Connection to Nature: The discussion touches on the idea of developing a sensual relationship with the natural world and how it can help individuals reconnect with life and find joy and purpose.


The Mythic Masculine
The Mythic Masculine
Explorations on mythology, culture and the emerging masculinities. Hosted by visionary filmmaker Ian MacKenzie.