The Mythic Masculine
The Mythic Masculine
#68 | Healing Soul Through Men’s Work - Dr. Stephen Faulkner

#68 | Healing Soul Through Men’s Work - Dr. Stephen Faulkner

A conversation with an elder about mythopoetic masculinity, the power of ritual space, and a life well-blessed.

“The first half of my career was spent putting people to sleep, and after my midlife crisis, I realized I had to start waking people up, including myself.”

My guest today is Dr. Stephen Faulkner, a former medical doctor, pilot, and one of my key mentors on the path of mythopoetic masculinity.

In this episode, Stephen reflects on his nearly 70 years of life and shares his profound emotional and spiritual contentment despite facing chronic health issues. He emphasizes the critical importance of engaging in inner spiritual work to avoid the bitterness and regret that often accompany aging.

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Stephen recounts his spiritual awakening at age 35, guided by the mythic maps found in "Iron John," and highlights the healing significance of connecting with nature and ritual. We speak on the transformative power of men's circles and the profound influence of Robert Bly on his journey, who also kindled a love of the great poet and artist William Blake.

He shares the tale of Gilgamesh & Endiku which was part of how we first met.

And finally, Stephen speaks of his recent near-death experience that brought him an unexpected sense of peace. He concludes with a heartfelt call for older men to mentor and support younger men, ensuring the continuity of wisdom and tending the fire across generations.



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What do you think of this episode? I’d love to hear your comments below.

The Mythic Masculine
The Mythic Masculine
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