The Mythic Masculine
The Mythic Masculine
#66 | The Art of Relational Alchemy - Nicolas Canon

#66 | The Art of Relational Alchemy - Nicolas Canon

How a Colombian-Canadian Relationship Coach (in transition) weaves the path of plant medicine and urban life, inspiring partners to go from cell mates to soul mates.

There's something in the intersection between two humans that is very unique and powerful. It takes patience and courage to step in that uncomfortable territory. - Nicolas Canon

My guest today is Nicolas Canon.

Nicolas is an international best-selling author and speaker. His work is rooted in helping people heal the fragmentation between the spiritual and practical sides of life, leveraging relationships as the forging fire of growth and transformation.

His work threads ancestral wisdom from Ayahuasca shamans, indigenous elders and Eastern mystics together with modern coaching, therapy and tactical tools & processes to create powerful 'rubber-meets-the-road' containers of fast transformation.

Over the past decade, he has dedicated himself to helping individuals and couples not only deepen their relationships but also find greater self-awareness and spiritual alignment. 

In this episode, he shares of his journey from Colombia to Toronto, Canada where he ran a tattoo shop and first worked as a coach - after many challenging & toxic relationships, he was guided to embark on a vision quest in the south of France. These experiences dramatically shaped his approach to life and work, including the crucible of marriage.

Finally, Nicolas reveals his insights into "the language of men” and how women can enhance communication with their male partners, deepen emotional connection, and unlock the potential of evolutionary partnership.

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  • Nicholas shares his recent return to Toronto after spending significant time in Colombia, reflecting on his emotional, spiritual, and physical journey.

  • He discusses the profound impact of his experiences with indigenous shamans and ayahuasca ceremonies in Colombia, emphasizing the importance of spiritual integration.

  • Reflecting on his past in Toronto, Nicholas discusses owning a tattoo shop and navigating a lifestyle marked by hedonism.

  • He opens up about a toxic relationship and personal crises that led him back to Colombia for recovery and family support.

  • Nicholas highlights the challenge of living between two worlds—the traditional wisdom of Colombia and the modern, bustling life in Toronto—emphasizing his role as a cultural bridge.

  • He shares insights from his ayahuasca ceremonies, including advice to pause and reflect on various aspects of life.

  • Nicholas reflects on his emotional grounding and support, particularly from his wife, amid his spiritual journey and transitions.

  • He explores the concept of balance and integration, seeking to merge spiritual insights with Western lifestyle and societal expectations.

  • The conversation delves into the complexity of personal growth and transformation, navigating between cultural identities and spiritual awakening.

  • Nicholas discusses his evolving perspective on relationships, emphasizing the importance of healthy dynamics, mutual respect, and emotional connection.

  • He shares insights into what makes a healthy relationship, highlighting communication, trust, shared values, and individual growth.

The Mythic Masculine
The Mythic Masculine
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