The Mythic Masculine
The Mythic Masculine
#59 | The Wisdom of the Monster with Kai Cheng Thom

#59 | The Wisdom of the Monster with Kai Cheng Thom

Uncovering the devilish dance between the Village and the Woods.

My guest today is Kai Cheng Thom, a certified somatic sex educator, qualified mediator, clinical hypnotherapist, and poet based in Toronto. She's the author of six award winning books in various genres, including the Stonewall Honor Book award winning essay collection, I Hope We Choose Love.

Kai Cheng's work focuses on the intersection of social justice, pleasure activism, and the transformative approaches to healing conflict. A noted speaker and practitioner of somatic wellness, healing, and group process facilitation, Kai Cheng supports individuals and groups who are seeking to repair relationships and to make transformative change.

Her latest book, Falling Back in Love with Being Human: Love Letters to Lost Souls, was released in August. 

This particular interview was inspired by an essay that was recently published called “The Village And The Woods.” Our conversation was recorded live as one of the Solar Sessions held within The School of Mythopoetics.  I was so delighted by the richness of our time that I’ve decided to publish the episode here as well.

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Show Notes:

  • Village represents the known, ordered aspects.

  • Woods symbolize the unknown and tempting.

  • People are drawn to the woods but fear it.

  • Fire symbolizes our attempt to understand the unknown.

  • Excessive focus on fire leads to zealotry.

  • Metaphor explores the interplay of known and unknown.

  • "Monster" as a metaphor for suppressed desires and fears.

  • Emergence of archetypes like priest, zealot, monster, and victim.

  • Reactionary responses can lead to violence and exclusion.

  • Both Left and Right exhibit reactive behaviors.

  • Vasilisa and Baba Yaga story underscores the need for integration.

  • The witch archetype bridges the gap between light and dark aspects of self.

  • Discussion on the crone archetype and its contrast with patriarchal norms.

  • Exploring alternative social structures and the concept of emergence.

  • Importance of a "sacred pause" to break reactive patterns.

  • Suggestion to write love letters to personal "monsters" as a practice.

The Mythic Masculine
The Mythic Masculine
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